The University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) provides accommodation for students in its halls of residence, the so-called Jižní Město – Chodov Halls of Residence, within its available capacity. UCT Prague student halls consist of two buildings called Volha and Sázava.

Students are usually accommodated in double-bedded rooms. Two neighbouring rooms share a bathroom, a toilet and a small corridor with fridge. They are equipped with basic furniture and bedclothes. There are connectors to the computer network of UCT Prague and the Internet and a public phone line (by an application).

In Volha, there are two kitchens on each floor, but they are not equipped with dishes, only with a cooker. In Sázava, the kitchen is located in the shared corridor between the rooms.

In both halls, there are two washing machines in the each floor; it is for free to use them, but you have to book it in advance (see more in the DURING section).

Accommodation in the halls of residence costs CZK 105/day/person in double-bed room.


Students apply for the accommodation in these residences via the “Application for Accommodation” form. The form can be downloaded from:

The capacity of accommodation provided by the UCT Prague is limited, and accommodation can be guaranteed only for those students who send their applications by the set closing dates.

Deadlines for the applications are:

  • June 30 at the latest for the winter semester,
  • December 15 at the latest for the summer semester.

The Department of International Relations cannot guarantee accommodation or the required study programme to those students whose application will be received after the above dates!

Moving in

All students must pay returnable cash deposit of CZK 3000 for their accommodation while receiving the room key. The deposit shall be returned to you after the termination of the accommodation. The deposit has to be paid in cash.
You must not lose the receipt you obtain!

If you need to change money, feel free to use the eschange office in shopping mall above the Chodov metro station.

You will get bedclothes and you can also ask for cable for internet connection if you don’t have your own. It costs CZK 100 for the 7m long one.

When moving in, check the rooms for all possible defects and inform the Accommodation Office about it.


It´s allowed to have pets in these residences, but your roommates have to agree with this! You must bring a paper with signatures of all your roommates to the accommodation office of the concerned hall of residence.

Private housing

Not interested in living with most of the international students nearby? Find a room anywhere in Prague. Here are some tips on websites offering rooms in shared flats: