Is the tap water drinkable?

Yes, the Czech Republic has one of the best tap waters in Europe. Even if the quality may vary, it is always safe to drink the tap water.

Can I move into the residence during the night, after opening hours?

Yes, there is a reception working 24 hours a day.

Are there bed-clothes available?

Yes, you receive them right after you move in.

Are there washing machines at the residence?

Yes, there is a special on-line reservation system that you have to use if you want to utilize a washing machine. Read more in the section Living.

What voltage is provided in an electrical socket?

It is 220 V.

What type of power plug should I use?

In Czech Republic, we use a standard CEE 7/5 (type E) plug. Please, check if you would need an adaptor or not before coming.

Is there internet connection provided at the residence?

Yes, there are internet sockets in every room (you can get a cable while checking in) and a Wi-Fi in the entrance halls of Volha and Sázava.

Money exchange

Where is the best place to exchange money?

The safest place to exchange your money is a bank; you don’t have to be worried about any hidden payments. However, the banks don’t always offer the best exchange rate.

What to bring to Czech Republic

How many passport size photos do I have to bring to the Czech Republic?

You will need one photo for the public transport pass and one for the ESN card. In case you need a visa to come to the Czech Republic, you will need three other photos for the alien police.

ESN UCT Prague

What is the Erasmus Student Network University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (ESN UCT Prague)?

We are a group of students of University of Chemistry and Technology Prague. We organize trips and events for international students of our University.

Public Service

Is there a transport pass available?

Yes, we have a pass for students for 30 or 90 days.

Where can I get the pass?

If you are coming during the Orientation Week we will do it for you during the Administration Day. All you need is a passport size photo of yourself. If you need to do it by yourself ask your Buddy for help. You don’t have a Buddy yet? Read more!

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