General Information

The event is launched on Friday, December 11 at 8 PM and concludes on Sunday, December 13 at 8 PM. The goal of the event is to solve tasks given by the organizers to find locations with prizes. The prizes vary from small items (cool badges, pens, lanyards, etc.) to items which serve as a memory of Prague and Czech Republic (toys, items related to CR, T-shirts, etc.).

We strongly recommend wearing warm, comfortable and informal clothing as the forest is pretty wet and you might be forced to leave the frequently used paths during the event!



The participants compete in teams consisting of three members maximum (that prevents cancelling the event in case the restrictions change). Teams with lower numbers of participants are allowed but the prizes are prepared with teams of three competing in mind. To set up a team, just contact one of the responsible persons or write your team composition in the event's page on Facebook.

All participants are given the same chance to compete. They are able to access the webpage with all the information about the event. The information includes this guide book, the map of known locations and the list of tasks concealing another set of locations.


If a team manages to find a location with a prize, they have to take the cache (containing the prize) with themselves. They will hand the cache to the responsible person so it can be recycled. We kindly ask the participants to report the found location immediately. This does not include caches containing trivia tasks and the cache with the secret task! 

Challenges and Activities

Each team has a chance to challenge another team if they encounter each other. The list of challenges is published here. Each team can compete only once in every challenge. That means, if the team has either won or lost the selected challenge, they cannot take it again. The participants report to the responsible person which team has won the challenge in order to claim their prize. If the participants are not able to decide on the winner, no prizes will be awarded.

Each team has a chance to finish any of the mentioned activities, the first team finishing the selected activity gets the main prize, every other team finishing the selected activity wins a consolation prize.


Responsible Persons

Anytime you want to claim your prize for answering the trivia question or finishing an activity / challenge; or you cannot find any of the caches (even though you are in the correct location), feel free to contact one of our responsible persons.

Lada Doležalová
Adéla Janků link

Event Coordinator

In case anything goes wrong (you cannot access any of the web pages, you are stuck somewhere, etc.), feel free to contact the event coordinator.

Jakub Steinbach