Tandem Learning is reciprocal language learning in which you are paired with a native speaker of the target language to learn together. That means, that students with different native languages teach each other. There is no financial cost involved and you can benefit whatever is your level of language. You meet to study together, practise speaking, find out more about the culture, discuss language problems and support each other’s learning.

It can be a great way of learning Czech and getting to know Czech people and sharing your language with someone else. There are no given rules or compulsory lessons. You hang out together, study casually or just chat over a glass of beer  – it’s as simple as that.

But our Tandem experience is kind of different. It is more focused on culture and meeting new people and finding new friends. If you would like to find out more about Czech Republic, don’t hesitate and contact us via email tandem@esnuct.cz. Your Tandem partner is waiting!

Don’t forget to tell us what is your native language and what other languages you are fluent in. We will then contact some of the students who would be happy to meet you.

After receiving each other’s contacts it is only up to you two, what you will do. 

If you successfully meet at least five times and you fill out our questionaire you will be given, we have for you Certificate and a small (sur)prise!