Students coming to Prague for studies are required to have a health and accident insurance valid for the Czech Republic. Students from EU and EEC (European Economic Community) countries shall require European health insurance card (the blue one) or a certified form E 128 from their respective health insurance agencies. Bilateral contracts concerning social and medical care have been signed with some countries not being in EU and EEC (e.g. Serbia, Monte Negro, Turkey,…). Students coming from these countries should require further information about these contracts from their respective health insurance agencies at home.

It is strongly recommended to arrange your health and accident insurance policy prior to your arrival to the Czech Republic. In a particular case you can sign a private insurance contract upon your arrival to the Czech Republic (for example at Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna (VZP) – the biggest Czech insurance agency).

For further information concerning administrative procedures and reimbursement in the Czech Republic follow the link: Centre for International Reimbursements or contact your health insurance agency in your country.

Medical care

Although every doctor will try to help you, not all of them speak English (or any foreign language) well enough to understand your needs. Below are some places, where you can find medical attention in English. Be prepared that you may have to pay some money in cash for the treatment.:

MUDr. Gemperlová, physician

phone: +420 234 606 155
Bílá 6 (next to the canteen “Menza Studentský Dům”)
160 00 Praha 6, Dejvice, map

Thomayerova nemocnice, hospital

phone: +420 241 721 260
Vídeňská 800,
140 59 Praha 4 – Krč, map

Nemocnice Na Homolce, hospital

phone (department for foreigners): (+420) 257 272 144
phone (emergency): (+420) 257 271 111, 257 272 522
Na Homolce Hospital
Roentgenova 2,
150 30 Prague 5, map

Thomayer's hospital