Mathematics and chemistry always go together. Since you are students of UCT as well, we believe you will have no issues solving these.



Task Name:  Integral Part of UCT

(Prepared by Kuba)


Every student of UCT needs to survive past Mathematics I or Mathematics A course. The integral part of this course is solving integers (pun intended). Show us that you are either a mathematician or an engineer by solving this simple problem:

Do not round the numbers or you might lose the message. Once you find the message, go to the page where message represents your solution.


Have you ever used your digital calculator to write words or am I the only one who does this? I also remember turning it upside down to get one more letter out of it.



Task Name:  Master of Equations

(Prepared by Adélka)


Prove that you are worthy of being a student at UCT Prague and balance this chemical equation.

___ K4[Fe(CN)6] +___ KMnO4 + ___ H2SO4

___ KHSO4 + ___ Fe2(SO4)3 + ___ MnSO4 + ___ HNO3 + ___ CO2 + ___H2O


Once you’re finished, insert the numbers into your web browser like this:°1_n°2_n°3_n°4_n°5_n°6_n°7_n°8_n°9


If you read this, I’m a bit disappointed.